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The National Center to Reframe Aging is currently funded by:

The John A. Hartford Foundation Logo - Black serif type with blue circle seal to left
Archstone Foundation Logo - Green tree icon above blue serif type
RRF Foundation for Aging Logo - Blue serif type with circle graphic to left
The SCAN Foundation Logo - Blue and gray sans-serif type with illustration of apple cut in half to left

With additional support from:

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Leaders of Aging Organizations (LAO)

Leaders of Aging Organizations (LAO) collaborated to create the Reframing Aging Initiative to respond to the central role that ageism plays in all of their efforts to advance their work with policymakers. There are currently 10 organizations in LAO.

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American Society on Aging Logo - Blue and orange sans-serif type with orange half circle to left
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Leading Age Logo - Green and dark gray sans-serif type with heart icon interlocking with letter e
National Council on Aging Logo - Blue and orange sans-serif type
National Hispanic Council on Aging Logo - Purple sans-serif type
USAging Logo - Purple and blue sans-serif type

Previous Funders

The LAO’s previous work was funded by AARPArchstone FoundationThe Atlantic PhilanthropiesEndowment for HealthFan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels FoundationThe John A. Hartford FoundationThe Retirement Research FoundationRose Community Foundation, and The SCAN Foundation.

About Us

The National Center to Reframe Aging is dedicated to ending ageism by advancing an equitable and complete story about aging in America. The center is the trusted source for proven communication strategies and tools to effectively frame aging issues. It is the nation’s leading organization, cultivating an active community of individuals and organizations to spread awareness of implicit bias toward older people and influence policies and programs that benefit all of us as we age.

Online Community

Facilitators and members of the National Center can login here to access the online community networking platform.

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