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Partnership with LiveOn NY Trains New Cohort of Reframers

The Reframing Aging Initiative welcomes its newest partner: LiveOn NY, an advocacy and direct service organization that represents 100 member agencies who serve older people in the NYC area. With funding from the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, LiveOn NY has embarked on a multi-year strategy to employ reframed communications to counteract ageism and improve the way policymakers, stakeholders, and the public think about aging and older people. New York City currently is home to more than 1.8 million people over the age of 60 living across the five boroughs.

Under the new partnership, the Reframing Aging Initiative is training a cohort of 30 reframers — advocates, aging services professionals, and community leaders who will be the catalysts of change in reframing aging in New York. The LiveOn NY training consisted of two parts. The first was the Core Elements Workshop — a series of four online sessions that introduces the research, frame elements, and narratives of the Reframing Aging Initiative. This was followed by the more in-depth facilitator training that prepares reframers to teach others how to reframe aging.  By the end of the training, the facilitators will be equipped to lead the aging field to create systemic change through community engagement, targeted communications, and advocacy.

LiveOn NY works with its members to make New York a better place to age.

“Across the country, we have seen the power of Reframing Aging through research-based solutions to shift the way we think about aging and older people,” said Allison Nickerson, Executive Director of LiveOn NY. “This initiative in New York City will drive the mission forward to create a more robust age-integrated society that celebrates the contributions of older adults as well as build greater support for community-based aging services and policy solutions that allow older adults to truly thrive and age in their communities.” 

Patricia M. D’Antonio, project director of the Reframing Aging Initiative and vice president for policy and professional affairs at GSA, said she is excited to be embarking on this co-venture.

“With LiveOn NY and other aging organizations tapping into the energy and ingenuity that New Yorkers are known for, this city will be a supportive and dynamic place to age. The Reframing Aging Initiative welcomes the opportunity to work with LiveOn NY to create a model for cities across the country.”

Read the full press release about the partnership.

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